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Who We Are

The International Bible Students Association was founded in 1872 by Charles Taze Russell (1852-1916), an American, Christian Restorationist minister, widely known as Pastor Russell. The Dawn Bible Students Association, an offshoot of the International Bible Students Association, is largely based on the preaching of Pastor Russell. The Dawn Bible Students-Bengaluru (Bangalore) is one of the Bible Students ecclesia in the silicon city of India – Bengaluru, inspired by the writings and teachings of Pastor Russell.

The Dawn Bible Students-Bengaluru (Bangalore) believes in the infallible Holy Bible as the true Word of God and the pillars of our doctrinal foundation. We believe in the only true Almighty God YAHWEH and his son Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 8:6, John 17:3). We accept God YAHWEH as the Father and Lord Jesus as His divine Son & Messiah whose pre-existence was as “Logos.” We preach Christ’s ransom sacrifice was for the salvation of the entire human race. We deny the doctrines of a holy trinity, immortality of the soul and an eternal tormenting hell. But, ardently believe in resurrection in the millennial kingdom of Christ and restoration of all things in the new heaven and new earth.

We preach the gospel and spread the word of God to every individual human being, as commanded by our Lord Jesus in Mark 16:15, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Our prime aim is to proclaim, glorify, magnify & sanctify the divine name of our God YAHWEH through His son, our redeemer, Lord Jesus Christ.

We would like to use the technological advancements like internet, mobile, etc. for the spiritual well-being of our known and unknown fellow brethren all across India & the world. We want all our brethren to have easy access to the Bible Students literature, sermons, videos, etc. in their own vernacular languages like Tamil, Kannada, etc.

www.dawnbiblestudents.com’s goal is to nurture and nourish the spiritual needs and growth of everybody, from an enthusiastic Bible scholar to a dejected common man. We will be updating the website regularly with audio sermons, videos, Biblical articles and other activities of our ecclesia. Our archiving of audio sermons, videos and Biblical articles will help and stay as a record for nourishing the souls of present and future generations, with the spiritual manna.

We vow to promulgate the matchless name of our God YAHWEH and his son Lord Jesus Christ, every day in our lives!